Photo: Morgan Blake

Photo: Morgan Blake

My favorite bank teller calls me Laurel.

I'm cool with that, but actually my name's Elena. 

Elena Balkcom

Based in Milledgeville, GA  |  Founder of Laurel Ave

I'm a schedule-enthusiast, joyful facilitator and down-right timeline nerd.

Believer in affirmation and communication. Tender-hearted, type-A, task-oriented and usually first in line if cake is involved. #goals to be the person that packed snacks to share at all times. 

My husband's contagious love of basketball has turned me into a fan.

Most days you can find me drinking something warm out of an earthy-looking mug, hoarding candles, experimenting with new recipes or procrastinating on cleaning by choosing a spot on the couch with Zach for a new show binge. There's always room for friends in our living room, especially if you like chips and salsa. 


Family rule: As long as we have anything, we have enough to share

One personal goal for 2017: Be a better question asker. I want to know ya!


Catch me at work. How 'bout that. 

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About Laurel Avenue


Curious about the name?

Photo Credit: Britt Croft Photography


A laurel is a plant whose leaves never wilt. Biblically it represents eternity.  
Avenue is representative of a journey. 

Altogether, Laurel Avenue is descriptive of the journey to spending eternity.
Weddings are an earthly reflection of the day that we, the church, will be married to the bridegroom, Jesus, the day that marks spending eternity with Him. What better metaphor for the gospel?